About ProBIND

ProBIND is a web application designed for managing the DNS zones for one or more servers running the ISC BIND DNS server software. It works best for companies that need to manage a medium-sized pool of domains across a set of servers.

The application has been written in PHP for maximum portability with sample utility scripts in Perl and BASH scripting. It stores its data in a MySQL database and generates configuration files for BIND on-demand.

What ProBIND Is

ProBIND is meant to be a time-saving tool for busy adminsitrators, aiding in managing the configuration of DNS zones across multiple servers. It is intended for use by those already familiar with the components of a DNS zone file and who understand DNS concepts and methods.

This software acts as a configuration repository to help keep zones well-maintained and has several helping tools to ensure that common DNS issues are minimized.

What ProBIND Is Not

Although ProBIND uses MySQL to store zone data, it is not a replacment backend for ISC BIND. ProBIND merely creates the proper zone files for use with the default configuration method of BIND. If you are looking for a live SQL backend for ISC BIND, this is not one.

ProBIND is not a tool for those unfamiliar with DNS concepts. It assumes you know the differences between a CNAME and an A record. It also assumes you know about SOA records, what a lame server is, and what glue is.

ProBIND is not the ultimate solution to DNS management. It fits the needs of those who develop it, and it is hoped that others will also find it useful.